A Misguided Dalliance

A couple of months ago, I decided to make the leap from WordPress.com to WordPress.org and try the whole “self-hosted blog thing”. As it turns out, that just wasn’t for me. I made the decision based on the fact that it would be – hopefully – easier to share my Instagram “pic of the day” photo challenge. Long story short, it was and it wasn’t. Since then, my feelings have undergone so material a change (spot the Jane Austen quote) that I have come crawling back to WordPress.com, hat in hands, morose look on my face, pleading for forgiveness. I also now have the issue of several shiny posts on my WordPress.org blog that I don’t seem to be able to transfer over here… A dilemma, right? I have two options ahead of me. Spend hours (days? weeks?) trying to copy them over, or cut my losses, start again – and crack on with some new posts.

Watch this space, Internet. G x

PS. I promise my next post won’t be nearly as dull as this one!

Birthday Wish List

Birthday Wish List

Blue home decor
$25 – notonthehighstreet.com

Classic St Andrews Lady

Daisies For Emily – Bracelet
$325 – sheilafleet.com

Daisies For Emily – Earrings
$130 – sheilafleet.com

Daily Photo Challenge: 21st-28th June

A couple of weeks ago, the Mr and I ran away to Greece. Crete, to be exact. We spent a blissful week relaxing at Marni Village. Marni had everything we needed, and more – 3 pools, delicious on-site food, plenty of nearby amenities and restaurants, excellent cocktails, pleasant staff and clean accommodation. We were so chilled out we didn’t even bother with some of the day trips we’d planned – whoops! Highly recommended as a lovely, idyllic, not-too-expensive holiday destination. Here are a few action shots to get you in the mood…

Crete, I miss you.

G x

Daily Photo: 1st June – 20th (Warning: it’s a big one!)

Last time I promised you a big fancy all-singing-all-dancing blog post about my trip to London. Well, it’s a month later and that still hasn’t happened (sorry). I kept thinking ‘Oh bother, I should really get round to that,’ etc. etc. but what it boils down to is that I really can’t be bothered writing about London. Whilst I had the best time with my best friends London is truly exhausting. It saps the soul. Therefore, I will turn my attention to other things (for all things London see The Londoner for details, it’s her speciality after all.) I have spent the last month resting, relaxing, eating, drinking and generally restoring after four wonderful but exhausting years of studying and stressing. I’ve come home, I’ve been abroad, I’ve been to a wedding, I’ve laughed, I’ve slept and I’ve let myself recuperate. Here’s what I’ve been up to lately…

This snap is of my noticeboard in Edinburgh – a welcome sight after the long and wearisome trip up from London (actually, scratch that – I sat in First Class, drank tea, ate shortbread and abused the free wifi – what could be nicer?)

These little beauties were the product of a long hunt around Edinburgh’s finest charity shops (for those interested, head to Nicholson Street, Stockbridge and – surprisingly – Tollcross for some excellent bargain hunting opportunities). As my cousin’s Chief Bridesmaid, it was my duty to plan and host the world’s most excellent and enjoyable hen party EVER. I may have inadvertantly overexaggerated my party planning skills and now had somewhat of a mountain to climb re. expectations… My cousin’s favourite movie is Breakfast at Tiffany’s – so I decided to channel my inner Audrey Hepburn and plan a B@T (see what I did there?) hen party. All I needed was pearls, tiaras and a hell of a lot of turquiose. I found these pearls over in Tollcross and decided to give them to my cousin as a gift/momento/part of her costume (that’s right, she was going as Holly Golightly, she just didn’t know it yet…) I might do a full blog post for the Tiffany’s party as it really was rather wonderful (if I do say so myself – watch this space).


Next, I headed off to Glasgow to see my Mr. and explore the depths of Glasgow Botanic Gardens, our favourite haunt.



…He treated me to the world’s most delicious burger at Burger Meats Bun. They’ve just opened a new branch in Edinburgh on Forth Street – ch-ch-ch-eck it out. Quick, go!


We spent HOURS (I mean literally hours) in Fopp choosing a DVD, a near impossible task for me and Mr. We have entirely different tastes and are both resolutely stubborn. We eventually settled on The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, went home, collapsed on the sofa in our pjs only to discover that the DVD player was broken and his laptop felt unable to meet the challenge of playing a movie. So disappointing! I’ve yet to actually watch the movie and the suspense is killing me.

Next up, back to Edinburgh and straight onto Japanese food @ Bonsai Bistro – please excuse the dodgy website, their food is delicious.

Excuse the blur – this photo gives you a sneaky peek at the decorations for my (now infamous) Breakfast at Tiffany’s hen party. I’m really keen to do a blog post on this so stay tuned…

This, dear Internet, was the moment right after I discovered that I would be graduating with a First Class degree – MA (Hons) English Literature. Oh happy, happy day! On a different note, I really can’t jump very high.

To celebrate my news (see above) I spent my day off lying in the garden, listening to the birds and the bees (no, not that kind) and watching Breaking Bad on my iPad. I’m about 3 years late to the party but oh WOW. This series is amazing. Beg, borrow, steal – watch immediately.

A nice little post-work drink with Mama Bear in the sun.

Someone (King Archie to you) had his eye on my delicious, steaming mug of Lady Grey tea.

Despite having two terriers (bred to chase rabbits, rats and mice) my garden is overrun with rabbits and bunnies of all shapes and sizes. Clearly, my dogs are failing in their office. But, fortunately, they’re so cute I can’t be cross (that is, the rabbits are as cute as the dogs).

After a busy week at work, I was so grateful to find clean sheets on my bed. This is what living at home is all about – wee treats and kindnesses that recharge the soul.

A very large and indulgent Sunday morning breakfast.

A blustery and brilliant walk on the beach with King Archie, pictured in his natural habitat and expansive kingdom.

Little Miss Kiera didn’t want to miss out on the Instagram love.

My brother, R, surprised us by showing up at home unannounced for the weekend. Queue the Lanson.

After a gorgeous time at home I was off again. This time, back to Glasgow on route to Crete and *the sun*!

But first, a wee cider to get me in the holiday spirit. Cheers!

Love G. x

Daily Photo: 22nd- 31st May

After our brief stop-off in Cheshire, we were back on the open road and headed for London. (Of course, by open road I mean we sat in a cramped, loud, over-priced train carriage for two delightful hours reading Cosmo and laughing at all its ridiculous content.) I’m still keeping up with my ‘One a Day’ Photo Challenge – here are the latest additions which should give you a sneaky peak into what I got up to in London (expect a fuller, more detailed, all-singing-all-dancing blog post once I’ve been reunited with my camera – and memory card – next week!)

IMG_0785.PNG aIMG_0786.PNG IMG_0787.PNG  IMG_0789.PNG IMG_0790.PNG IMG_0791.PNG IMG_0792.PNG  IMG_0794.PNG IMG_0795.PNG IMG_0796

Arley Hall & Gardens, Cheshire

G (my long-suffering flatmate) and I decided to take a rather leisurely route to London, calling in at G’s family home in Cheshire for some doggie cuddles, good food and general R&R. Whilst there, we were invited to accompany some of G’s family on a jaunt to the rather charming Arley Hall – a Victorian country house built in the Elizabethan style. Specifically, we were there to admire the gardens which, as their website proudly (and justly) states: ‘are amongst the finest in Britain’. Unfortunately for you lot, you’ll have to make do with my amateur photography, but hopefully you’ll get a sense of their scale, beauty, variety and vitality!


P1011744 P1011748

As you can see, it was rather a grey, overcast sort of day – not that we let the weather curb our enthusiasm…



…and now for my close-up… P1011768

P1011752  A real fairytale cottage hidden in the gardens. P1011765Those colours, just…wow.   P1011770 P1011772 I could just picture Peter Rabbit hopping up to these gardening tools…


Unfortunately Arley Hall proper was closed for a private function – a wedding, as it later transpired (we saw the bride and her groom having their photos taken in the gardens – what a gorgeous setting for a wedding!) – so I will have to return to see the rest of this lovely, rather hidden, gem.

Next stop: London town.

G x

Daily Photo: 10th-21st May

So what do three english literature students do once their degrees are over? Well, short term, they make the most of living in the greatest city in the world: Edinburgh.
First up, a lovely long walk in the sun through Holyrood Park. The sun was beating down and the sky was so, so blue – the perfect day for a big old dog walk!
Secondly, a quick jaunt over to Glasgow to see the boy. First thing on the menu: a celebratory ice-cream sundae (also known as a heart attack in a glass) oh so delicious.
Back to Edinburgh to enjoy the sun. Many thanks to these birds for posing so nicely for me.
No stay in Edinburgh would be complete without a trip to Edinburgh Zoo, especially now the pandas are in residence. The zoo is the best, and I try and visit as often as I can. The penguin parade at 2pm is a must-see.
Another night in Glasgow: the city's skyline as seen from the Lighthouse viewing platform. Totally free and worth a gander.
Second breakfast (Hobbit style) at Mimi's Cafe in Stockbridge. Amazing food and incredible coffee – get yourself down there ASAP. (What I would give to live in Stockbridge with Mimi's on my doorstep…!)
An optimistic ice-cream seller on a very cold, wet Edinburgh day.

Finally, saying farewell to the view from my window – just temporarily, mind you. I'm off to London after a quick stop-off in The Shire (Cheshire for those interested in real-world geography!)

Watch this space.

G x

Daily Photo: 4th-9th May

Apologies for the long blog absence – I’ve been revelling in the joys of freedom. Yup, it’s official: university is over. This is simultaneously exciting and terrifying (to quote Miss Taylor Swift, I feel “happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time”) but, overall, freedom from stress, anxiety, essays, exams, deadlines, reading lists, endless library sessions, etc is good – quite wonderful really. Here’s a short post to wrap up the final days of my undergraduate degree… (Check back for my next installment: how to enjoy Edinburgh on a student budget.)
Writing the last essay of my degree (course: The Modern American Novel, 1920-1960)
Tulips from the boy.
These 2 photos perfectly represent Edinburgh’s ridiculous, changeable weather: sunshine and smiles one day – grey, wet and miserable the next…

And, finally, after four long, wonderful, exhausting, life-changing years: the end of it all. What better way to celebrate than with prosecco in the sun with my two very best friends. What a ride.
G x